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Randalstown Central Primary School

Gingerbread Men In Busy Bees

12th Jan 2022

During the month of January the Busy Bees will be using the story of the Gingerbread Man in their Talk for Writing and Learning though Play activities.

After reading the story of the Gingerbread Men the children wanted to bake their own.

We started our baking session by reading the recipe then we measured out all the ingredients.

We strengthened our hand and arm muscles by rubbing in the butter and the flour, then using an electric mixer we mixed the rest of the ingredients out, finally we rolled the dough out flat. We used our cutters to make the shape of the Gingerbread Men, then we asked Mrs Hamill in the canteen if she would bake our biscuits for us.

Thankfully, the Gingerbread Men didn’t run off when Mrs Hamill brought them out of the oven and we were able to decorate them using icing pens, chocolate drops and smarties.

The Busy Bees used all of their senses to make and explore the making and eating of the Gingerbread Men. All the Busy Bees thought they looked, smelled and tasted delicious.