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Randalstown Central Primary School

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Board Of Governors

In accordance with the provisions of the Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1986, amended by the Education (NI) Order 1997, the composition of this school’s Boards of Governors is as follows;

9 Members

4 Transferor Representatives - Mr A Smyth, Mrs S White, Mr W Spilane & Mrs J Irvine

2 EA/DE Representatives - Mr W Logan, Mr D Fulton

2 Parent Representatives - Mr N Beckett, Mr R Kelly

1 Teacher Representative - Miss A McCurdy

Chairman of Governors - Mr A Smyth

Vice Chairman of Governors - Mr D Fulton

Designated Governor for Child Protection - Mrs S White

Designated Governor for Health & Wellbeing - Mr N Beckett



The Current Staff of the School is as follows...


Principal - Mr P Charlwood

Vice Principal - Miss A McCurdy

Senior Teacher - Mrs J McKane


Teaching Staff

Reception/Busy Bees - Mrs J McVicker

Primary 1 - Mrs J McKane

Primary 2 - Miss S Pedlow

Primary 3 - Mrs S Smith & Mrs S Deyermond

Primary 4 - Miss L Coyle

Primary 5 - Mrs J Barclay

Primary 6 - Miss A McCurdy

Primary 7 - Mr T Cook


Non-Teaching Staff

Secretary - Mrs P Irvine

Caretaker - Mr T Luke

Classroom Assistants - Miss D Neill,Miss E Speer,Mrs T Bates,Mrs S Weir,Mrs B Gibson,Mrs S McIntyre

Canteen Staff - Mrs C Hammil, Ms R Ross , Mrs M McAuley

Cleaning Staff - Miss D Neill, Mrs L Weir, Mrs L Speer

Crossing Patrol - Mrs R Peoples




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